Helping You Become a Citizen

For many immigrants, becoming a United States citizen is the ultimate fulfillment of their American dream; however, many do not know where to turn or who to trust in order to ensure that this goal is achieved. At Franchise Visa USA, we have years of experience providing trusted representation to immigrants and families looking to obtain citizenship through naturalization. Our firm can provide invaluable information to current green card holders and ensure that individuals are able to adjust their status in order to obtain citizenship. For more information, contact a South Florida immigration lawyer from our firm as soon as possible.

Several qualifications must be met prior to you being granted naturalization. Of course, no two cases are the same, so it is important that you work with an attorney to ensure that your citizenship process goes as smoothly as possible.

Eligibility requirements for naturalization include:

  • Showing proof that you have been lawfully residing in the United States for the past five years
  • That you are in good moral standing
  • That you have not been charged or arrested for criminal activity
  • That your spouse is a United States citizen and has resided in the country for at least three years
  • If you have a child born outside of the country, he or she must have been born to parents who are citizens
  • You qualify for citizenship through service in the United States military

If it is determined that you are eligible to obtain citizenship through naturalization, you will be required to complete all naturalization forms and applications, as well as pass a naturalization test. For information about how this applies to you and your situation, work with Franchise Visa USA right away.

Franchise Visa USA can help you!

Our firm is dedicated to providing personalized representation to each of our clients, and we always take the time to get to know you and understand your situation. We know that becoming a citizen through naturalization may be the final hurdle to completing in your long journey to becoming an American, and we want to help you. Contact Franchise Visa USA today to get started!

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